Instagram shoppers can purchase through product stickers embedded in your story.

1. Choose an image for your story.
2. Select the sticker icon in the top right corner along with the product you want to link.
3. Move the sticker to your desired location, customize its color and size.
4. Share to your story.

Inviting brands

Social media users don’t have specific products they want to buy in mind when browsing their feed. From merchandise to makeup, having a range of products in your shop makes followers far more likely to find something they like. With more followers finding products they like, you’ll be generating more sales from your endorsements.Once you’ve launched your shop with one brand, you can invite the other brands you work with by sending them the template below:

Prioritize popular, lower-cost products

Although people are more used to buying within social channels, it’s rarely the main reason they’re there. People check in on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to experience great photography, catch up with friends, or see what’s trending.Social media users are likely to be in a distracted frame of mind and not looking to make big purchase decisions. To reduce friction, prioritize promoting lower-cost products you know perform well.

Creating a customized shopping experience

On Instagram, you’re able to design the layout and look of your shop. Creative product placement and positioning can influence your followers’ shopping decisions accordingly. Experimenting with different formats and placements allows for a dynamic shopping experience that your followers will never get tired of.

Multi-channel promotion

Sway lets you launch shops across Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Snapchat (coming soon). Promoting your shop across all these channels allows you to reach new audiences and drive sales across all your accounts. Reposting content is an easy way to grow your accounts without additional work for each social media platform.

Negotiating with brands

With your own Instagram Shop, you show brands that you achieve higher conversions on content and long-term traffic. Leverage your shop’s ability to drive sales to negotiate better deals when negotiating with brands.