Brand FAQ


How do I get started?

To use Sway, we would need you to download  our Shopify sales channel app here. On the app, you can request to work with creators and add products to their IG shops. To add your brand ambassadors and creators to our list, send us a message at and we would be happy to help

How do Creators see my request to collaborate?

Creators will usually get an automatic email with your request to work with them.

I synced my products to an Instagram Creator Shop, now what?

Congrats! Your Creator can begin tagging your products in sponsored posts that they agree to do for you. Depending on your partnership arrangement, product tags can replace affiliate codes or be added on top of paid sponsored content in stories and posts.

How can I connect to other Creators’ IG Shops?

Use the Shopify’s account page to find creators and request to work with them!

I don’t have a Shopify store, can I still use Sway?

For now, only stores built with Shopify have access to the Sway app. The most basic plan that would allow you to take advantage of Sway and IG Creator Shops is the Shopify Lite plan, which starts at $9 / month. However, we do plan to build out integrations with other e-commerce store-builders in the future!

Can I disconnect from a Creator Shop?

For sure, just unpublish all your products from the creator shop in the listings page then hit disconnect

Any requirements?

At the moment we need your store to be on Shopify, as it makes syncing and onboarding a lot simpler. If you have have in-person shopping, we need you to use Shopify POS so inventory is always synced. This ensures customers aren’t purchasing any sold out items.


What are the fees associated with Sway?

We take a 5% commission on all transactions happening on a creator IG shop.

How do my brand and creators get paid?

On our Shopify app, you create a Stripe Express account. We have weekly payouts sent to your Stripe account with payments from all the orders that occurred since your last payout. Details on the payout come with each order, as well on the payout portal of the Sway Shopify app. Your creators similarly also get weekly payments based on their earnings

How does your platform deal with my tax requirements?

On our Shopify app we have default tax rates, you are able to override and add your tax requirements for US states and Canada provinces + territories. We charge the customer tax based on what was added and send you the full taxed amount. Note, we only take commission of the subtotal, so won’t be taking commission from the taxed amount.

What’s the commission rate for Creators?

We leave it to the brand and creator, to decide on an agreed commission and then we send payouts based on this rate.


Where do orders from Creator Shops appear?

Any order that originates from one of your Creator’s Instagram Shops shows up in your Shopify site dashboard under “Orders”, identical to an order made on your Shopify store. We also ensure to make a change to the product’s inventory when its sold by the creator  to ensure everything is in sync

How do you handle refunds & chargebacks?

If a customer needs to refund a product, they work with directly with you, to send the product back. Use Shopify’s restock and return functionality during the process. If it asks you to send a refund notification to your customer, when you restock the item, please do not send one. Since Sway processed the payment, as the merchant you will not be able to refund the customer, we have built functionality for that. Go to the order on your Shopify admin, click on More Actions > Refund order on Sway. Then, enter the amount and reason of the refund. On our side this will trigger an automatic refund to the customer, we will send a notification to the customer about this refund. In your next payout, your split of the amount is removed.

When a chargeback happens, we cover the chargeback with our bank account, but then remove the amount from the next payout.

How are we different?

Why is your platform better than LTK?

LTK is a standalone app, which creators need to build up a following and create content for, it adds a lot more work to the creators life. It also forces customers to leave Instagram, browse through LTK, and buy products through LK affiliate links which redirect to another website to purchase products. Our integrated Instagram solution avoids all this hassle and allows creators to directly tag products, and allow customers to buy right off Instagram.

Why is this better than creators product tagging my products directly on Instagram?

While this makes collaborations more conversion focused, it is a short term plus. On a creator IG shop you all the long term exposure and conversions because creators have such highly engaged with accounts. Brands also get the benefit of the marketplace effect, when a creator promotes another product on their shop, all the other products get exposure from customers.

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